Reshet Shel Limmud is a licensed not-for-profit based in Israel which works to promote the study of Judaism and Torah around the world over the internet. Today, Reshet Shel Limmud focuses on two main projects:


Kitah is the Online Jewish Classroom for Families. Kitah provides Jewish learning at home for Middle School aged children, with customized courses in Chumash, Navi, Mishnah, and Gemara. Kitah follows the popular Khan-Academy model, integrating video and student interaction, with the addition of live Zoom classes bringing the study of Torah to children around the world. Kitah also maintains an active YouTube channel, a Facebook page, as well as numerous Jewish educational games and other resources.

Kitah for Schools: Kitah also provides Jewish digital flipped-classroom teaching material to Jewish schools around the world.

The Mishnah Project

The Mishnah Project promotes the study of Mishnah Yomit – the daily study of two Mishnayot each day, taught with screencasts that provide the text of the Mishnah, as well the wealth of Torah resources available on the Internet. The Mishnah Project boasts a library of Mishnah classes on almost every Mishnah in Shas in English. In addition, the Mishnah project includes a YouTube channel, and publishes its feed to a WhatsApp group and Telegram Channel.